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Price is More Than Just a Number

Times have changed, but you can still have an event suitable to your budget and tastes. Catering is customization. Nobody has the same tastes or invites the same number of people to their events. A one size fits all model is not very suitable (or conducive to a successful catering business). You as the customer should first set your budget and then decide whether you are looking for a casual, semi formal, or formal event. Determining the tone of the event will help the caterer and you determine the best pricing. Generally, the more casual the event - the less expensive your catering bill can be (and that doesn't mean you have to skimp on the quality). Before the [Covid-19] pandemic, a catered event would cost somewhere between 20 dollars and upwards off 200 dollars per person (casual to formal). The pandemic has contributed to many issues namely inflation that is being exacerbated by global supply chain issues. With that being said, it is important for the customer to understand that prices may be higher as the U.S. navigates global inflation. All is not lost because flexibility and early planning can help you remain in budget and have the event you desire. Have an open dialogue with your caterer and be upfront about what you desire.

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